Overshoot a traffic light, and decide to reverse back to not block incoming cars? We’ve all been there. Not everyone is capable of doing so safely, though. For some, it can go very, very wrong.

Originally shared on Reddit, this helmet cam video shows a Toyota RAV4 trying to reverse back after overshooting a stop light. Inexplicably though, the person behind the wheel – apparently a student driver – backed up at a considerable speed, right into a stationary motorcyclist.

If that’s not bad enough, instead of stopping upon first impact, the driver continued on reversing, rolled over the bike, to then come to a rest on top of it. The motorcyclist, the person who released the video, was lucky enough to have jumped away in time. His Honda CBR 125 JC50, though, wasn’t as fortunate.

Now folks, when behind the wheel, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one on the road. There are other road users too, i.e. other cars, motorcycles, and even pedestrians. It is absolutely vital to check your surroundings through all means available – through the windows, mirrors, reverse camera, etc. – before making any sudden manoeuvres; more so if you’re planning on reversing.

Spatial awareness is key to keeping yourself and others safe on the roads. One feature that helps with rear visibility tremendously is a reverse camera, so do consider such an upgrade for your own cars.

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