2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO

Nissan’s Z line of sports cars, which started with the Datsun 240Z in 1969, has grown in size and power through the decades – we’ve seen the 240, 280, 300, long pause, 350 and the current six-year old 370Z so far. What’s next? A more expensive, more powerful 390Z? Not likely, according to Nissan’s senior VP and chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura.

The traditional Fairlady format will see a big change. “[The 370Z] is a very expensive car. Therefore we have to make a revolution, a repositioning. I don’t think we have a future of A$60,000 (RM174,190 direct conversion without Malaysian taxes) and 3.7 litre engine, it’s very expensive not only in price but in running costs,” he said.

“[After] 350Z, 370Z I don’t think the next one will be 390Z. It’s not growing, it’s already big enough. I don’t think we should go any higher, maybe go backwards,” he was reported as saying, although nothing is finalised. “We haven’t decided anything about the next-generation Z, whether it should be larger or have more power. We need to take another pass,” Nakamura added.

nissan-idx-conceptThe much-lauded Nissan IDX concept from Tokyo 2013 could end up as the next-generation Z-car

The Z will remain as a rear-wheel drive sports car, and if the next model is reduced in size, price and engine capacity, it will go head on with Toyota’s much-loved 86 and its Subaru BRZ twin sister. That’s good news for car enthusiasts in markets that penalise large capacity engines with high roadtax (Malaysia) or via emissions (Europe). More recently, Mazda has cut down the size and weight of its MX-5 roadster.

But fans of Nissan’s other iconic sporty brand need not worry – the Godzilla won’t be tamed. “The Z is a different story. The GT-R is more evolution. I feel Z needs more revolution than evolution,” Nakamura said, adding that Nissan will limit itself to just two sports cars in the future, the GT-R (700 hp for the next-gen?) and a more accessible one.

Many, including us, would love it if Nissan turns the Datsun 510-inspired IDX concept from Tokyo 2013 into reality. Turns out there’s a chance of that happening. “We are trying to do a couple of new alternatives for next-generation Z. IDX, that could be a next-generation Z, that’s one of the options. IDX is so much supported by you guys, but financially the decision is a separate story.”

Come on Nissan, just do it!

Nissan IDX Freeflow

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