Subaru has unveiled the STI Performance Concept at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. This sexy showcar, based on the BRZ a.k.a. twin sister of the Toyota 86, signifies a plan for US-expansion of Subaru Tecnica International (STI) in three core areas; aftermarket parts, STI-tuned cars and motorsports.

The expansion of Subaru’s performance division has already begun, with STI-engineered parts replacing Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) aftermarket parts in the States, and with STI’s increasing engineering presence in Subaru of America’s Global RallyCross team.

In the future, more STI-tuned models will be available in the US, with more extensive mods from the factory such as in the suspension, performance, braking, chassis and aerodynamic departments.


“At STI we know from our racing that to win, it is important not only to have high power, but also that all aspects of performance are balanced over the whole car. When we achieve this balance, the driver feels that the car is easy to handle and reliable, and he can use it fully to the limits of its performance. Our plan is to produce cars and accessories that drivers can really enjoy,” said Yoshio Hirakawa, president of STI.

Not quite a preview for a “BRZ STI” (sorry to have got your hopes high!), the STI Performance Concept acts as a showcase for the engineering prowess and tuning capability of firm, featuring a race engine developed by STI for the BRZ GT300 Super GT racecar, suspension and chassis components and aerodynamic upgrades. The full STI catalogue on one car, basically.

Complete cars with extensive tuning by STI, and performance parts, are available in Japan for the WRX STI, Forester and BRZ models. In its home market, the nomenclature “S model” (for the WRX STI) and “tS” (BRZ and Forester) are used for JDM cars that have STI components, but a naming convention for future US models has not yet been established.

The STI brand has value, and Subaru is milking it for what it’s worth. We doubt that many would complain.