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The government has been paying a total of RM221.6 million per year to Spanco Sdn Bhd as part of a 25-year agreement to rent a total of 10,963 Proton cars for official use, The Star understands. The ministry announced to the Parliament that several Proton models were currently rented out on a monthly basis, with costs ranging from RM973.84 and RM3,288.84 per model – bringing the total to RM18.47 million per month.

In a written reply to Teo Kok Seong (DAP-Rasah), the ministry stated that the models rented were the Proton Perdana (2.0 Executive and 2.4P), Inspira, Persona, Preve, Waja and Saga. Teo had earlier asked the ministry to clarify number of models rented by the government since 1993, along with the costs incurred.

The Proton Preve proved the most popular model as a total of 3,518 units rented monthly with a cost of RM1,572.77 per unit, bringing the total monthly figure to RM5.53 million. A total of 2,127 units of the Proton Inspira 2.0 were rented per month at the cost of RM2,147.68 each, making it RM4.57 million.

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Other models include the Waja, with 2,466 units rented at RM1,296.85 per unit and the Proton Saga, of which 1,061 units were utilised each month at the cost of RM973.84 per car. As for the Proton Persona, 442 units were rented on a monthly basis with each unit costing RM1,114.66.

The Proton Perdana 2.0 Executive is rented at a rate of RM2,892.32 while the 2.4P variant costs RM3,284.84 – a total of 709 units of the former were rented while the latter, 486 units. Spanco is responsible for supplying, maintaining and repairing all the cars rented by the government – the agreement expires in 2018.

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