There’s more to the freed up space offered by the Lounge Console concept as seen on the Volvo XC 90 Excellence – the design team at the Swedish automaker has come up with a child seat concept utilising the space left by the removal of the front passenger seat.

The resulting Excellence Child Safety Seat concept enables the parent to swivel the seat counter-clockwise when seating the child – making it easier to get the child in and out of the seat without compromising comfort – before locking the seat in a safe rearward facing position. The seat comes equipped with a tilt function.

The rear-facing seating position, aside from bringing parent and child closer together, is based on the automaker’s clear safety stand that small children should travel rearward facing as long as possible, at least up to the age of three or four. This is primarily due to the lack of muscular strength in the necks of small children and the disproportionate head size and weight in relation to the body.

The concept also includes smart storage for vital child accessories, accomodating small items beside the seat and offering space underneath the seat for diapers, blankets and larger items. There’s also space for a tote bag at the front of the seat, under the dashboard.