In a new promo video, Audi gives us another preview of what the B9 A4‘s optional Matrix LED headlights are capable of. Made to resemble an eye when in low beam, says the company, the Matrix LED clusters works with 11 diodes that only need a low 20-watt supply to illuminate.

Switch it to full beam, however, and the magic of the Matrix LED comes to life. All 12 LEDs are powered up, and the cluster of diodes work in tandem with three reflectors and a smart real-time camera that is mounted near the rear-view mirror. The LED lights are active instead of passive, as the control unit automatically switches between 64 stages available at its disposal.

With such a combination of components working altogether at once, the company says that the the Matrix OLED headlights will be able to distribute light in several million – yes, millions – combinations to light the way optimally at night and avoid glaring oncoming traffic.

Meanwhile, the cornering lights will work together with the MMI Navigation plus system – the car can identify a corner before the driver even makes a turn on the steering wheel. Said LED headlights come with dynamic turn signals as well, which light up fluidly from inside to outside when indicating.