To the uninitiated, this robotic snake-like charger may seem terrifying yet creepy at the same time, but honestly, I think it’s really cool. Tesla Motors has just released the video demonstrating how it works.

This prototype seems to find its way to the charging port of a Model S pretty much effortlessly, and it just plugs itself in. Tesla may have problems trying to get their much vaunted rocket booster from the SpaceX to land itself on a barge, but it has no problems with this charger.

Elon Musk, the real-world Tony Stark, has once again outdone himself. This charger worked totally on its own, and it performed brilliantly. As Tesla prepares for a totally autonomous future for its vehicle, it has already demonstrated what it can do with a simple charger.

This is just a prototype for now, but knowing Tesla, it could reach production soon. It’s a simpler, quicker alternative to wireless charging, that’s for sure. Brace yourselves for more magic from Tesla in the very near future.