In what looks like a major ‘oops’ moment, Ford may have unintentionally revealed what the upcoming Ford Mondeo facelift looks like in one of its corporate slides. Earlier spyshots have already given strong hints of what the Mondeo looks like on the side, however this takes it to a different level.

From the blurry shot we can see that the headlights are slightly shapier, curvier even, as for the grille it now looks a little bit narrower than the one on the current generation Mondeo. One will have to squint to really notice this, but the front bumpers also seem a little more rounded in shape.

The most telling feature that stands out are those trapezoidal-shaped accents on both sides, which may look like where the foglights go – but this has yet to be seen. As this is a facelift, there does not seem to be any updates that have been applied to the side profile of the new Mondeo.

As it goes with all facelifts, powertrain, there should be no changes to the 2.0 litre EcoBoost engine (that’s the one we have here in Malaysia). Do you like what you see so far?