Aston Martin DB9 GT-01

Aston Martin has appointed Wearnes Automotive as its dealer in Singapore. The company will take over the reins from AM Automotive (S) Pte Ltd, the existing dealer of Aston Martin supercars for slightly over two decades. The new appointment will officially take shape come August 31.

Wearnes Automotive will be undertaking all the sales, after-sales as well as marketing activities of Aston Martin vehicles. The company will also be responsible for building the British brand in Singapore, which is a key market for Aston Martin in the region of South East Asia.

Andre Roy, Wearnes Automotive CEO said, “Aston Martin is a luxury British brand that produces highly desirable and stunningly beautiful sports cars. We are excited by the brand and its vibrant future; from the recently announced DB9 GT to the Second Century plan for forthcoming models.”

It was previously reported by news portal Asiaone back in June, that three very-experienced suitors were fighting for the rights to the brand. The current location in which former custodians sold and serviced Aston Martin cars was also reportedly taken over by the “new dealer.”

In Singapore, Wearnes Automotive is the official dealer for McLaren, and the large group also sells luxury brands like Bentley, Bugatti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Renault as well as Volkswagen and Volvo.

It’s likely that Wearnes Automotive will be appointed as Aston Martin’s sole dealer in Malaysia too, following the closure of the short-lived Berjaya-owned Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur venture. Wearnes already has presence here, running BMW and Volkswagen dealerships in the country.