As we reported earlier, the BMW Concept M4 GTS had just been revealed at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, and apparently, a production version of the concept will soon be rolling out in the guise of its racetrack-tuned predecessors such as the BMW M3 CRT, M3 GTS and M3 CSL.

Now we have a slew of images of the M4 GTS being flogged around the Nurburgring track, and it does look pretty special.

There is a splitter on the front bumper with an orange lining, which looks akin to the Acid Orange accents that were featured on the concept car that debuted at Pebble Beach, and the rims seem to get the same treatment as well.

For some reason, the huge carbon fibre wing at the rear just seems like it was an afterthought, but it should play a role in reducing rear axle lift at much higher speeds.

Interestingly, the rear tail lights have the trademark swirls on them, leading to speculation about possible OLED integration into the production version of the car.

In terms of the power plant under the carbon fibre reinforced plastic bonnet, there is no confirmation of anything different from the 3-litre inline 6-cylinder twin turbo engine that is currently being used by the M4 MotoGP Safety Car.

Obviously, weight reduction across the board will be carried out, and a roll cage will definitely be mandatory and all the superfluous interior refinements will be stripped out in the name of performance.

Nonetheless, there are rumours that this GTS version could have revolutionary water-injection technology to help lower combustion chamber temperatures, raise compression rations, lower fuel consumption while also increasing power and torque.