Here it is folks. We’ve got new spy shots of the new Proton Perdana – from readers Raja Nurhayati and Chan Huan Hui – which is adorned with heavy camouflage. The most striking thing about this latest evolution of this Perdana is the broad C-pillars and the shallower angle for its rear glasshouse.

As we reported earlier, the new civilian-market flagship for the national carmaker will still be based on the eighth-generation Honda Accord, but it will have its own distinctive design, and not just be a rebadging exercise for the current model that is being reserved for exclusive use by the government. It’s interesting to see the mule next to a Toyota Vios and an old fourth-gen Accord for size – this is a big car, for sure.

Based on the earlier pictures and video that were sent in from our reader, Tilakiswaran Samurgam, it was undergoing road tests on the PLUS highway near Behrang; even then, the front façade of the car had already shown tell-tale signs of Proton’s familiar design DNA. Interestingly, at the rear, indications are that the exhaust outlet has been integrated into the rear bumper, which is a first for a Proton.

Expect the Perdana to be launched next year with Honda powertrains; these being the Accord’s 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre i-VTEC petrol engines that will be complemented by a five-speed automatic gearbox. So far so good, what do you guys think of this ride?

Current Proton Perdana (government official use only)