Well, here we go folks. It’s the Italian Formula One Grand Prix this weekend, and everyone is getting revved up to see the F1 cars race down the ultra-high speed Monza track.

Apparently, Lewis Hamilton is sporting a new blonde hairdo, and his team is using a new-spec engine for the race. Also, there is a new mandate by Pirelli to increase tyre pressures following the Spa tyre failures. An interesting weekend beckons, from the looks of it.

Anyway, what better way to get fired up for the Grand Prix by taking a trip down memory lane with Juan Pablo Montoya in his Williams BMW F1 car during a pre-qualifying run for the 2004 Monza F1 weekend.

As Peter Windsor narrates, this was indeed the fastest lap in F1 history recorded at Monza 11 years ago. The average lap speed was recorded at 162.95 mph (262.243 km/h), which is totally astounding. Bear in mind, Montoya set a blistering lap time of 1m19.525s back then, and just to put things in perspective, Lewis Hamilton’s 2014 pole position lap was 1m24.109s.

When one watches the video, it literally gives you goose bumps, as you listen to the wail of the glorious BMW V10 and the crackling of the traction control as Montoya wrestles the car around this iconic track on the very limit of the tyre’s adhesion.

We’ve also included a circuit guide to the Monza F1 track as well. Happy viewing from all of us at paultan.org and enjoy the F1 weekend!