A small set of photos of the new fourth generation Renault Megane was leaked over the weekend ahead of the car’s official debut at the Frankfurt 2015 show. It’s probably what prompted Renault to release their own set of preview images.

As it turns out, what was leaked was the sportier GT exterior for the Megane. The regular Megane is the silver car you see in these preview gallery. While the GT has a Renault Sport badge on the rear, it’s not a real RS car – it’s design is simply “inspired by Renault Sport genes”.

The GT has a broader air intake and a honeycomb grille compared to the regular Megane. The fog lamp also seems to be different – a blade-shaped one on the GT compared to a the regular’s more conventional circular shaped one. The “Iron Blue” paint you see here is exclusive to the GT.

Some brief numbers that came with the press release – the new Megane is 25 mm lower, while the front and rear track are 47 mm and 39 mm wider respectively. Wheelbase has been extended by 28 mm, while overhangs have been shortened.

Stay tuned for the full scoop closer to the Frankfurt press day.

GALLERY: Renault Megane official preview

GALLERY: Renault Megane leaked ahead of debut