A celebration is due at BMW! The ten millionth BMW 3 Series has rolled off the production line at the German carmaker’s assembly plant in Munich! Instead of a hulking BMW M3 Sedan, said landmark vehicle is a relatively vanilla F30-generation BMW 320d LCI coated in Imperial Blue. As a result, specifications are pretty docile with a 2.0 litre TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel mill putting out 187 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

“The success story of the BMW 3 Series started here in Plant Munich and is now reaching a very special high point here as well. The fact that this landmark vehicle was produced at our plant is a particular honour for us and makes me very proud indeed of my team,” said plant director, Hermann Bohrer.

Today, the plant produces up to 1,000 cars daily – half of said total is comprised of the BMW 3 Series. Said Munich plant is the only facility to have produced all six generations of the BMW 3 Series since the first-generation E21 model was introduced to the world in 1975.

BMW 3 Series 40 Years 11

Onwards from the E21, the E30-gen became, arguably, one of the more recognisable vintage 3 Series models – the introduction of the M3 nameplate certainly helped to cement its reputation. In 1991, the E36 BMW 3 Series was unveiled – VANOS variable valve timing made its debut on this generation. The E46 that followed in the late 90s was viewed as more of an evolutionary step before the launch of the E90 in 2004.

Fast forward roughly four decades on from the launch of the original and we have the F30-generation BMW 3 Series LCI. So while some quarters may claim that life back in the good ol’ days were better, the 3 Series begs to differ. At 40 and counting, we’re pretty sure that the folks at BMW are convinced that the best has yet to come. We were fortunate enough to have a go in a rare E30 320is recently – read all about it here.

GALLERY: E30-generation BMW 320is