Final E90 BMW 3 Series rolls out of Kulim plant

Time to bid farewell to the fifth-generation BMW 3 Series, from a local perspective. The final locally-produced E90, vehicle number 8,930, has rolled out of BMW Malaysia’s assembly facility in Kulim, Kedah, and brings to a close local assembly of the model.

The E90 was the first BMW to be locally assembled at the Kulim plant – production of the car began in 2006, first at the Associated Motor Industries (AMI) plant in Shah Alam, before moving to the company’s current premises in the Inokom Corporation Plant from July 2008. To date, a total of 10,743 E90s have been sold locally, of which the above number were locally-assembled units.

The final production schedule of the E90 paves the way for the introduction of the highly- anticipated sixth-gen F30, which is set to be introduced in Malaysia very shortly – the car has already been spotted around town, after all.