Action Mobil Global XRS 7200-01

Motorhomes are a perfect companion for wanderers, however at times it can be limited to on-road use only. Austrian company, Action Mobil has solved that – meet the Global XRS 7200, a 6X6 all-wheel drive motorhome, that comes in a military green paint and one that can go where no other mobile home can.

Built in Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria, the living space is built on top of a MAN chassis. It’s powered by a 720 hp engine that sends power to all its six wheels. That much power is needed as the rugged mobile home weighs a hefty 18,000 kg. It measures in at 9,700 mm long, 2,470 mm wide and 3,790 high with the suite behind it taking up 7,200 mm of its total length.

It has dual 400 litre diesel tanks, a 140 litre black water tank and a 250 litre grey water tank located at its centre, while fresh water is stored in a 720 litre tank which can be found onboard. Aside from a central tyre inflation system, and an “Arctic Kit,” that keeps the vehicle stable in the extreme cold, it also comes fitted with a hydraulic motorcycle lift that allows owners to bring their bikes along with them.

Inside, it’s more luxurious than any camper van can get. It comes with wood panels, stone flooring together with counters that has many drawers, table tops, an oven and a washing machine cum dryer. The dining table can be converted into a bed, while the rear also features another sleeping area, located just behind the small kitchen. The washroom comprises a bidet toilet, sink and a shower.

Creature comforts included in the Global XRS 7200 consist of LED lighting, a 40-inch HD TV, a Bose audio system, Apple TV media streaming and a large hard drive for content. Satellite internet connection and a wireless local area network are some of the connectivity features that comes as standard.

Electricity is provided via an 8.64 kWh lithium-ion battery which can be charged up when the vehicle is in motion. Up top, sits a 1,440 watt solar panels which will take over the charging when the vehicle has been parked. All-in-all, the Global XRS 7200 doesn’t come cheap, it’s priced at £585,000 (RM3.9 million).