Nissan teatro for dayz 07

Making its premier at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, will be the Teatro for Dayz, a car designed for the digital generation or “share natives.” According to Nissan, the concept EV is billed as a “giant mobile battery” made for the young social media generation. The Teatro name basically means “theatre” in Italian. While no exact travel range has been specified, Nissan says that the EV has an “ample driving range” for short commutes.

Outside, the Teatro for Dayz comes in a squarish design. Furthermore, it receives Nissan’s signature V motion grille and headlamps. The exterior gets a combination satin white silver and full gloss white paint job. Down the front, it has a rounded bumper and roof, with wheels extended to the outer corners. Additionally, it comes fitted with LED screens around the car to enable “self expression” by its owners.

Also onboard are cameras which can be found both in and outside of the vehicle. The purpose of the cameras are to allow drivers to “share experiences instantly.” According to Nissan, the Teatro for Dayz was designed for young people who have no interest in cars but whose lives require them to be connected.

Inside is where the seemingly plain white interior of the Teatro for Dayz has the most appeal; it features solid white seats a futuristic steering wheel and two pedals – simplistic it seems, but not quite so. Called the “Future canvas” interior concept – part of Nissan’s “clean concept,” the seats, headrests, door trim and instrument panel is basically a “moving screen,” – all of which can be customised by the driver.

In addition to that, the interior has voice control and motion sensors which control the air conditioning and audio systems, while there are no knobs and switches on the dashboard. When in drive mode, the meters, controls and car navigation is displayed on the white instrument panel – it goes blank when it is parked. Nissan also says that the interior allows for gaming together with top-quality sound.