Domino’s Pizza and Roush Enterprises has given the third-generation Chevrolet Spark a new lease of life (and a new name) as their new Delivery ExPert or DXP – fancy names for a pizza delivery vehicle.

On the outside, the DXP is decked with the brand’s official colours of red, white and blue, complete with roof lights and puddle spotlights that project the company’s logo onto the ground. Other accessories include Domino’s logos on all four wheels, and a fuel cap that reads, “Unleaded fuel only. No pizza sauce.”

What’s really hot about the DXP is the oven in the back. The car comes with a retrofitted oven that can keep up to 80 pizzas warm at a time. With a maximum temperature of up to 60 degrees celsius, it’s accessible from the outside at the push of a key fob. So you know your pie literally comes fresh from the oven.

Powering the DXP Spark is a 1.2 litre four-cylinder engine. It comes with a ton of tech, including OnStar Directions and Connections navigation, four speakers and WiFi connectivity. Safety-wise, it’s equipped with ABS, electronic stability control with brake assist, hill-start assist, tyre pressure monitoring system and 10 airbags as standard.

An electric vehicle (EV) was said to be part of the plan previously, but the company said the that the DXP would have no time to stop for a recharge. The cars will have a life span ranging from three to five years, after which it will retire from its position as Domino’s pizza delivery expert.

Franchise owners can expect to purchase one at a price of somewhere between USD$20,000 to USD$25,000, while Dominos will fully take on the engineering costs. The company is planning to deliver 100 DXP pizza cars to 25 cities in the US over the next three months.

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