A programme to reshape the Malaysian automotive industry is slated for a roll out by June 2016. The Megascience 3.0 Roadmap 2020-2050 was announced by the president of the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) Madani Sahari at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the New Straits Times reports.

The main focus of the roadmap will revolve around safer and efficient “driver-free, driving choice”. This, in short, could translate to self-driving cars for Malaysia. “In the roadmap, there is a component for the autonomous vehicle to be driver-free,” Madani said.

“Aside from that, it is also about aligning it to this new wave of technology that we need to bring into Malaysia across the supply chain, to allow vehicles to be autonomous.” he added. Madani envisaged that like electric vehicles, self-driving cars would be part of the Malaysian automotive scene, a decade from now.

“I foresee in the next 10 years this is something that we can greatly look forward to where autonomous vehicle is concerned, just like how it was for electric vehicles when it was first introduced five years ago,” the president said.

On that note, however, Madani said that for the roadmap to be successfully carried out, a change is needed. “In the roadmap, there is a component for the autonomous vehicle to be driver-free, while taking into account all aspects pertaining to policies, infrastructure, the laws and even mindsets that needs to be looked, at as well as the technology,” he stated, adding that a regulatory framework needed to be defined before all else.