The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has officially opened the inaugural Conference of ASEAN Road Safety 2015 (CARS 2015), happening at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel from now until November 6. The event sees the meeting of minds of top experts from the region to improve road safety.

Themed “Road Safety: Addressing the Bottom Billions,” the conference aims to up the safety standards of the low- and middle-income population. This group of individuals, MIROS says, are subjected to a higher risk of road trauma, as many of them are motorcyclists who are “less likely to be able to afford cars packed with safety features.”

Over 300 experts consisting of policy makers, scientists, researchers, practitioners, law enforcers, academicians and organisations from the ASEAN region will participate in the conference, billed as the first ever road safety event in the region.


“While each country has its respective road safety enforcement, advocacy and research agencies, we believe that by synergising our efforts and knowledge, we can achieve better results,” said deputy transport minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi. Efforts to improve road safety is no doubt a priority of all governments, as traffic accidents can result in damages to vehicles, injuries and loss of life.”

In all, 63 research papers will be submitted and discussed here, centred on topics including road safety management, sustainable infrastructure, vehicle safety, road users, pre- and post-crash trauma, safety technology and motorcycle safety. A number of outstanding papers will be published in the Journal of Transportation Safety and Security under “Road Safety in Developing Countries” at the end of the event.

“We will use CARS 2015 as a launch pad to establish a regional network of road safety experts,” said MIROS director-general Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon. “This synergy will allow for continuous cooperation and alignment of road safety efforts across the region.”