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The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has announced a proposal to set up an ASEAN data and information coordination centre on road safety, said to be able to help the region achieve its goal in reducing road fatalities by 50%, according to Bernama.

Director-general Prof Dr Wong Shaw Voon told the national news agency that such a centre was vital in coordinating and establishing a standard on road accident data. “The data is the benchmark for more standardised and accurate accident statistics for ASEAN,” he said. “The regional centre will also facilitate all parties involved in the initiative, considering that it involves the 10-member countries.

“We are aware that the environmental conditions and policies or even methods used in each country are different, hence the need for a more formal and structured channel to carry out the effort effectively.”

One example Wong brought up of a statistic that needed to be standardised was the definition of death in an accident. “For example, in Malaysia, a person who succumbs to injuries in an accident following treatment for a maximum of 30 days in a hospital is classified as a road accident fatality,” he said. “But in some ASEAN countries, the estima­ted time is within 24 hours or seven days.”


Wong noted that the effectiveness of studies conducted in the name of road safety would be affected if such data was left unstandardised, adding that the platform of data coordination would be the centre of road safety information, and that member states can refer, evaluate or assess the effectiveness of each policy using such a platform before said legislation would be applied in their respective countries.

“In fact, the coordination centre will also be the major source for educational institutions such as universities to widen their knowledge on road safety,” he said.

MIROS was chosen as one of the agencies to promote road safety in South East Asia, during the 21st ASEAN transport ministers’ meeting last week.