The aftersales arm of ZF Fredrichshafen AG, ZF Services, has announced its plan to extend its range of OE-quality spare parts in Malaysia as well as other countries in ASEAN and Taiwan, catering towards Asian cars. The new products will comprise of Sachs shock absorbers and Lemförder steering and suspension parts.

The company said that it will offer a full range of shock absorbers, tie rod ends and axle joints, ball joints, track control arms and link stabilisers for brands such as Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda by 2017. The move, it added, will extend its lead as a single-source provider of spare parts, covering the top 100 Asian models in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

“Estimates show that there are approximately 34 million passenger cars that are aged three years and above on the roads in ASEAN and Taiwan,” said Andre Scholle, regional general manager of aftermarket (OES/IAM) at ZF Asia Pacific. “We expect demand for maintenance products to continue to grow across the markets.

“In our key markets, analysts put the number of Asian cars on the road at more than four times the number of European cars. ZF has a strong standing in providing parts for European cars and now our expanding portfolio of OE-quality shock absorbers as well as steering and suspension parts will support our customers, partners and the large number of Asian vehicle owners in the region.”

Currently, ZF Services offers more than 350 Sachs shock absorbers in ASEAN and Taiwan, including the top 50 Asian models in key markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The company is in the midst of expanding the current range to cover 95% of the market for Asian brands.

On the Lemförder side, that brand offers nearly 340 steering and suspension products in the region for brands such as Mazda, Nissan and Toyota. It will expand its portfolio to cover Honda, Proton, Perodua and Suzuki by 2017.

“The Asian Range offers performance that is complete with safety and reliability,” said ZF Sales and Service (Malaysia) managing director Mohd Syahrul Bin Yusof. “In Malaysia, top Asian brands such as Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Honda and Nissan have consistently maintained top presence in the market. Given that this Asian Range produces OE parts for these ranked brands, we believe this will bode well for ZF.”