china mind-controlled car

Ah, yes, guess it wasn’t long before someone decided to come up with this. China Central Television (CCTV) reports that researchers in Tianjin have successfully developed China’s first mind-controlled car. Yes, you read right.

A team from Nankai University has come up with a working mule to showcase the breakthrough technology. Made in collaboration with automaker Great Wall Motor, a Haval H9 SUV mule is able to move forward, reverse and come to a complete stop, driven completely from the rear seat. The system is also able to lock and unlock the vehicle.

It’s all done with the help of a computer, a signal capture device and a dedicated program. The signal capture device is head-mounted, and is made up of 16 sensors that capture electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from the ‘driver’s’ brain. The processing of the EEG signals is done via a computer program, which selects the relevant signals and translates them, enabling control of the vehicle.

Test driving China’s first mind-controlled car

Researchers in Tianjin have successfully developed China's first mind-controlled car. The neuro-technology only accepts instructions from the driver's brain. As a concept, the car has remarkable potential for drivers with special needs. Let's see how it works.

Posted by CCTVNews on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The researchers explain that the computer processes the signals to categorise and recognise a driver’s intention, translating these to issue commands to control the car. Apparently, the system is said to be safe from the effects of absent mindedness, as concentration is only needed to change the vehicle’s moving status, such as changing lanes or turning the vehicle, the news agency reports.

The research team says that as a concept, such a car has remarkable potential for drivers with special needs, such as disabled drivers, but the system can also be used to provide normal drivers with a new and more intellectualised driving mode.

At present, trials are only able to drive the test vehicle in a straight direction, and word is that there are no plans to earmark it for production. We’ll see about that. Subliminal messaging complete.