PJ Traffic Jam

From 2020, motorists will start being able to access real-time traffic information when the
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) begins operating following the implementation of the multi-lane free flow (MLFF) system at toll plazas, The Sun Daily reports.

Works minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof told the publication that the system, which will be deployed in stages, will provide highway users with information such as estimated destination arrival times and traffic congestion alerts on highways, expressways and artery roads.

The system will be able to provide motorists with alternative routes or detours during peak periods. “Users will be promptly informed from the traffic broadcasting system about the situation on toll roads and other routes. ITS will include communication between vehicle and vehicle and also with pedestrians,” he explained.


“It can also inform the authorities to respond to hazards and road crashes quickly. This includes ‘intelligent speed adaptation’ for all road users to apply safe speed limits in view of the danger ahead,” he said, adding that in developed countries, the ITS provides hazard warning and traffic information to the public via mobile phone apps as well as through in-vehicle devices.

Fadillah said that the ITS will be developed in stages after the implementation of the non-barrier MLFF system on highways and expressways nationwide in 2018 – the system will utilise a RFID gateless gantry toll concept. He said that Malaysia is serious about exploring the ITS system because of its many benefits to road users.

“A national blueprint on ITS will be ready by the end of 2016. From there, we will identify which system to adopt. Our challenge will be funding and finding suitable and affordable technology that is sustainable,” he stated. He did not rule out public-private partnerships to develop the system, the report added.