Kawasaki Soul Charger Concept (1)

Supercharging is apparently going to feature strongly in Kawasaki’s line-up. The unveiling of a sketch by Kenji Tomida, President of Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine Company at the EICMA show in Milan last month showed the SC-02 “Soul Charger” concept motorcycle.

Complementing the Concept SC-01 which was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, the SC-02 features what Tomida calls the “scalability” of the supercharger in Kawasaki’s range of motorcycles. Following the launch of the H2 and H2R in the litre bike class in 2014, he said the design could be down-sized and applied to a smaller engine, perhaps 600 cc.

Kawasaki’s concept bikes have usually been about performance, and the SC-02 is no different, showing an aggressive style meant for fast and short sprints. From the sketches, it appears the supercharger is fed by a fresh air intake from the left side, giving the bike a heavily asymmetrical look.

Of note is the supercharger itself. The amount of air entering the charger is controlled by a shutter valve system, almost like the petals of a camera lens. At small throttle openings, the ECU restricts the amount of air coming in, improving rideability and fuel consumption.

The styling is in the retro streetfighter look very much in vogue today, tied together by a silver, black and brown paint scheme. Tomida was silent if either the SC-01 or SC-02 would ever make it off the drawing board, but promised several new models would be forthcoming from Kawasaki in 2017 and 2018.