Apparently, Chris Evans and Top Gear are not gearing up very well. According to The Sun UK, a number of issues have reportedly cropped up, even before its airing – well, that’s what the daily says anyway. Based on the word of “insiders” and “sources,” Evans has not been performing well.

Evans is said to have crashed a Jaguar that was borrowed to the show the first time he went around the Top Gear track at the Dunsfold Aerodome in Surrey. The report also claims – through sources – that Evans “struggled to get to every Top Gear production meeting” due to TFI Friday – an entertainment show hosted by Evans, and one which will come to an end soon.

To add to the fire, BBC executives are said to be unamused by Evans due to several slip-ups. These include revealing when Top Gear would be aired. An insider said, “bosses have been left open-mouthed by some of the announcements Chris has been making. Giving away the exact start date months before is a complete no-no, as it gives rivals the chance to try to damage the show.”

In addition to that, a source to the daily says that the BBC have brought in a production team “that doesn’t know anything about cars.” The source added, “writers from Top Gear magazine have had to be called over to suggest ideas.” The TV presenter is also said to have recorded a 12-page monologue for the cameras that was “totally unusable,” and adds that Evans was “struggling” with pre-recorded videos.

While news has it that Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz and F1 driver, David Coulthard will be joining the show as well, the “low-profile” line-up is intentionally arranged as such as Evans reportedly wants to hog the limelight. “Chris is always the boss of the show. He doesn’t want anyone to be bigger than him,” another source told the daily.

To this, a spokesperson for the BBC told The Mirror, “this is all gossip and speculation and we don’t comment on such nonsense.” The show’s executive producer, Lisa Clark (brought in by Evans himself to replace Top Gear veteran Andy Wilman) has also reportedly left her post recently, along with script editor, Tom Ford.