Something amazing is blazing this way soon!Stay tuned for updates this 15th January!

Posted by Petron Malaysia on Sunday, 3 January 2016

Recently, Petron Malaysia revealed on its Facebook page that it will be unveiling a new product on January 15 – the image used, a blazing car at speed, suggests that it would be a high-performance version of its Blaze range of fuels, perhaps to take on Shell’s V-Power Racing.

The fuel will be called the Petron Blaze 100 – as the name suggests, it has an octane rating of RON 100, meaning that cars and motorcycles that are designed to run on RON98 and above (like the Honda Civic Type R, previous-gen Suzuki Swift Sport and Toyota 86, as well as high-end superbikes) will be able to operate without any performance or reliability issues.

Petron Blaze 100 1

The fuel will at first be rolled out at eight stations nationwide, with more set to come soon – it’s likely to be pricey, however, higher than RM2.25 per litre for standard RON97 petrol. The unregulated pricing of Shell V-Power Racing has commanded a premium of between 45 and 55 sen over regular RON97 V-Power over the past six months.

Blaze 100 will become Petron’s top premium fuel, designed to sit above the current Blaze 95 and 97 grades and will thus be offered alongside the other two. So, are you excited at the prospect of RON 100 fuel finally arriving in Petron stations in Malaysia?