The Mercedes-Benz C 200 Avantgarde has been given minor updates for the 2016 model year. From what we understand, these changes made it off the production line as early as November 2015.

The biggest visual change would be the new 18 inch staggered five-spoke wheel setup, wrappped with 225/45R18 tyres at the front and wider 245/40R18 tyres at the rear. This replaces the 2015 car’s 17 inch wheels with 225/50R17 tyres all-round.

Other than that, the chrome trim on the front bumper air dams as well as on the sides of the rear bumper next to the rear wheels have been removed. Look closely and you’ll notice the wing mirror has been de-chromed as well – there used to be a small strip of chrome above the signal indicator.


On the rear, you’ll notice that the integrated exhaust tips in the rear bumper are now functional. The C200’s exhaust piping is new as well, with one exhaust tip at each side of the rear bumper.

Previously, the C200 only had twin tailpipes on the left side of the rear bumper which faced downwards with faux integrated exhaust tips. Of course, the new functional exhaust tips look better.

No changes to the interior except the AGILITY SELECT feature has been renamed to DYNAMIC SELECT so the label for the button has been changed from AGILITY to DYNAMIC.