Volkswagen Armin Keller

At the launch of the new Volkswagen Puchong Technical Service Centre yesterday, some insight into the brand’s future plans were revealed to attending members of the media.

First and foremost, it’s no secret that the brand’s reputation has taken a bit of a knock in recent times. As such, it is clear that VGM will continue to channel the majority of its efforts towards improving its customer and aftersales experience in Malaysia.

However, Volkswagen Group Malaysia MD Armin Keller made it clear that VGM will still be introducing new models here. “We plan to have at least one big launch this year, and we will also work on two medium (scale) launches – our existing models will be upgraded,” he said.

“We will also look to introduce special models like we have in the past, where we have some slight modifications, and for the most part, increase the value for our customers,” Keller concluded. The VGM boss didn’t specifically say which models the company will launch, but it is possible to make a few educated guesses.

For the “big launch” that Keller was referring to, we reckon that it couldn’t be anything other than the anticipated Volkswagen Passat B8. The latest-gen sedan has been spied on Malaysian roads several times already, and Keller himself has previously confirmed a Q1 2016 launch for the Passat.

We can’t quite put our fingers on what the remaining models or special editions may be just yet, but certainly, the new Tiguan would be a welcomed sight. Malaysians have seemingly grown a fondness for compact SUVs, and something like the compact Tiguan would be an interesting proposition here – slotting just beneath the RM280k BMW X1 and RM240k Mercedes-Benz GLA, price-wise.

As for the special editions that the MD mentioned, well, we’ve seen quite a few of them lately, haven’t we? Remember the Jetta Club, Jetta Sport, Beetle Club, and Polo Club? If our guesses prove accurate, it’s likely that more of these versions that add extra kit without the extra price, to come. An updated Golf Mk7, which has been stagnant for some time now, sounds about right, too.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments at the brand, so stay tuned to for more details. In the meantime, why not tell us what Volkswagen models you would like to see launched in Malaysia? Have your thoughts heard in the comments below.

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