Formula One engines are high-strung, precision engineered beasts that cost awesome amounts of money and thousands of man-hours to develop. Mercedes AMG, coming off its very successful 2015 Formula One season, where the PU106A V6 hybrid installed in the F1 W06 race car powered Lewis Hamilton to victory, has released a video showing the power unit and battery pack.

Narrated by Andy Cowell, Mercedes AMG’s head of high performance powertrains, the video, while not delving into the full technical details of the engine, gives an idea of the amount of engineering design that goes into it. Of note is the carbon-fibre liberally applied to various engine components, and the magnesium casing of the battery pack.

2016 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W08 - 8

The PU106A hybrid power unit, developed by Mercedes AMG, is a 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 that revs up to 15,000 rpm. Comprising of over 3,000 discrete components, the engine weighs 145 kg, and develops in excess of 750 hp.

Formula One teams have traditionally been reticent about revealing costs, but unverified figures have suggested that a single engine can cost in excess of US$14 million (RM58.4 million), with the season budget for a top-flight team like Mercedes AMG Petronas being 467.4 million euros (RM2.17 billion) in 2015.

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