Over the last two months, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had seized 22 cloned cars. With several luxury models included, the value of the 22 seized vehicles amounted to nearly RM1 million, according to the New Straits Times.

“This is the result of people dreaming of owning luxury vehicles which they can ill afford with their income. Thus, they take the easy way by purchasing cloned vehicles that are sold at low prices,” said Terengganu JPJ director, Abdul Rahman Emang Anyie.

Adding the 2016 haul to the tally, 254 cloned vehicles in total have been seized since the crack down began last year. The list of recently seized vehicles include a MINI, Subaru Impreza, Honda Jazz, Honda City, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Wish. It was also previously reported that Terengganu registered the highest number of seized cloned cars thus far.


“A cloned Honda Odyssey is sold at around RM12,000 compared with the original price exceeding RM100,000,” Rahman explained. The JPJ director said that the proposition of buying a cloned vehicle is very attractive to locals, especially when syndicates know how to directly approach potential buyers, on top of placing several advertisements online that flaunt low-priced vehicles.

It was previously estimated that anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 cloned cars still remain on the road, and that the government has lost out on some RM100 million in tax revenue because of this. Cloned cars are usually foreign vehicles that appear as Malaysian-registered vehicles using identical number plates taken from similar legitimately-registered vehicles.