Mercedes-AMG GT R spyshots 2

While some may view the Mercedes-AMG GT as a near-perfect sports car, its maker believes it can make it even better (a.k.a. faster). That is where the upcoming GT R comes in, which our spy photographers managed to capture out in the cold.

Think of the GT R as the GT3 to Porsche’s 911. Therefore, it will follow the same formula of less weight, more power and other improvements. The first part of the formula could see an increased usage of carbon-fibre for certain body panels and parts to keep the kilos down. With full-body camo, it makes it hard to tell which part gets the carbon touch.

As for the power bump, expect the GT’s 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 to produce more power than the ‘S’ variant’s 510 PS and 650 Nm. Considering the fact that tuners have managed to get a significant amount of power from the mill, even with simple modifications, we reckon Mercedes-AMG can extract a lot more from the V8.

Mercedes-AMG GT R spyshots 15

As for the other improvements, well, it’s plain for all to see. The familiar silhouette of the GT is retained here, but up front, there appear to be larger intakes. This could be done to help cool the more powerful engine or brakes for that matter. The front grille also appears to be new, differing from the standard car and the GT3 racer as well. However, as this is still a prototype, it may not truly reflect the finished product.

Meanwhile, the rear gets a more thorough reworking to suit the car’s track-focused mentality. The lower apron has been overhauled, with the dual exhaust tips (previously a one-piece unit) being relocated to the centre of the car, surrounded by a prominent diffuser element. The aero kit is supplemented further by a fixed rear wing that appears to be larger than that on an Edition 1-kitted GT.

Elsewhere, wider fenders should provide a sportier stance as well. Expect the interior to receive some revisions as well to match up to the performance-oriented exterior. It is said that the Mercedes-AMG GT R will slot between the normal GT and the Black Series. Promising as the GT R may be, its name may ruffle Nissan’s feathers. Read our review of the RM1,125,888 Mercedes-AMG GT S.