Mugen today unveiled its 2016 Shinden Go electric racebike at the Tokyo motor show. The Shinden Go (which means “Magnificent Lightning Five” in Japanese) is designed to compete in the TT Zero class at the Isle of Man TT (IoMTT), where Mugen hopes riders John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey will ride the bike to success.

The TT Zero Challenge class, started in 2009, is designed to showcase the future of clean energy in high performance motorcycles. TT Zero machines are required to be equipped with a power plant emitting zero carbon dioxide. While internal combustion engined bikes do three to six laps of the IoM course, TT Zero bikes only do one 60 km lap, a reflection of the current state of battery performance and capacity.

New developments in battery technology, electric motor and the frame have been incorporated into the Shinden Go, from knowledge and experience accumulated over the past four racing seasons. Aside from improvements in the battery system and motor, the bike’s cooling system has also been re-designed to improve the efficiency of the electric motor.


Using a CFRP monocoque chassis for decreased weight and increased stiffness, the battery now resides inside the frame, improving aerodynamics. A cross-link rocker rear suspension, courtesy of M-Tec, decreases the physical size of the suspension, allowing room for a bigger battery.

The 2016 Mugen Shinden Go’s oil-cooled, brushless electric motor is rated at a claimed 160 hp and 210 Nm torque. Weighing in at 250 kg, the 2016 Mugen Shinden Go is looking to beat the 2015 Shinden Yon’s lap time of 19 minutes 2.785 seconds at an average speed of 191.28 kmh, which gave the team first place at last year’s IoMTT Zero.