Motorcyclists in Malaysia may soon be denied use of the fast, or over-taking, lane on gazetted highways and expressways, based on a request from the Transport ministry. According to The Sun Daily, deputy transport minister, Datuk Aziz Karpawi, has said the ministry will request road traffic authorities to enforce the ruling without delay.

Aziz said this measure is intended to reduce fatalities among bikers. “Motorcyclists should not be on the fast lane or right lane,” he said to reporters after launching the three-year road safety campaign of “Visibility Makes a Difference” for motorcyclists by the Road Safety department and Linde Group.

It was mentioned that discussions will be held between the Road Transport department and police for measures to implement and enforce the ruling. Bikers made up 62% of out a total of 6,706 road fatalities in 2015, or 4,203 deaths. This was a rise of 32 fatalities over the previous year.

Bikers should always be mindful of their safety, said Aziz. “Their behaviour of running red lights, riding above the speed limit, changing lane without giving signal, swerving in and out of traffic without adequate safety steps, racing on the road and many other instances should be avoided,” he said.

Another measure mentioned by Aziz in connection with road safety for motorcyclists was the possibility of compulsory use of reflective vests. “Bikers should be seen by other road users. Visibility makes a difference. At the moment, we are initiating advocacy programmes to encourage them to don the reflective vest or bright jacket,” Aziz added.