Remember the LM487, the Maserati-engined monstrosity made by French builders Lazareth? Well, the company has a series of insanely-engined quads, powered by various motors, including a V8, a V12, and a 1,000 cc Yamaha R1, amongst others. Lazareth has now taken the electric route with the Wazuma, coming out with this slightly off-the-wall e-quad that houses twin 30 kW electric motors, and producing 490 Nm of torque.

Compared to the 611 Nm torque from the LM487, 490 Nm doesn’t sound like much, until you realise all that torque is available from zero rpm, at zero km/h. Driving the rear wheels, the dual-electric motors should deliver an almost immediate response, and bonkers acceleration.

Developed in conjunction with French mecha-tronic company NTN-SNR, more widely known for its mechanical bearing solutions, the e-Wazuma is a prototype built as a technological showcase for its products, as well as Lazareth’s design expertise.