2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 (2)

Triumph Motorcycles has issued a recall for its 2016 Bonneville T120 and Street Twin models for a potential fuel leak issue. The recall currently affects only models in the UK and US.

According to an official recall notice filed in the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standard agency, the notice states in part, “there is a possibility of a fuel leak via fuel pump sub harness because of a problem with the moulding tool used to manufacturer the sub harness. A fuel leak could heighten the risk of fire.”

The problem stems from an incorrectly manufactured protective cover on the fuel pump mounting plate, where a sub-harness from the main wiring loom passes to supply power to the internal fuel pump in the tank. The issue was discovered during Triumph’s routine factory testing procedures and it was found that the wiring insulation was damaged, caused by excess molding flash resulting from an improper tool setting during the plate’s manufacture.

This situation could result in the exposed wiring coming into contact with the fuel, or cause fuel to drip, a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to a fire. From an NHTSA report, in January 2016, a Triumph quality engineer contacted the supplier of the sub-harness and was able to confirm “that tooling used to manufacture this component had been changed in September 2015.”

“One of the changes had been to relocate the split line from a position intersecting with the electrical wiring to a position that avoided this intersection. The supplier also provided ship dates of the parts with the original design and parts with the revised design.” Triumph has authorised dealers to replace the fuel pump sub-harness free of charge, including parts and labour.

Triumph has been able to determine, from manufacturing records, exactly which motorcycles are affected, and dealers in the UK and US have been trained to identify and carry out remedial works before any bikes are sold. The recalls are expected to start this month, and continue till all affected 2016 Triumph Bonnevilles and Street Twins are identified and corrected.

Approached for a statement, Triumph Malaysia confirmed that the recall notice only affects 2016 Triumph Bonnevilles and Street Twins overseas, and no Triumph models, existing or arriving to Malaysia, are affected by this safety recall. The 2016 Triumph Street Twin was recently released in Malaysia, and retails for RM55,900.