Sighted on the Honda display at the IIMS 2016 was the 2016 Honda RC213V-S racing replica, the road-going version of the RC213V MotoGP bike. Costing 188,000 euro (RM840,000), the RC213V-S is only available on special order through the RC213V-S website.

Honda’s interpretation of a MotoGP weapon for the road, the RC213V-S combines Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) know-how, and specially designed parts machined from exotic materials. The RC213V-S is equipped with head- and taillights, side mirrors, speedometer, muffler with catalytic converter, license plate holder and horn to make it road-legal.

The engine is a 1,000 cc, 90° V4 that has its roots in the VF750F Interceptor, which came out back in 1983. Other changes from the race-only RC213-V are coil springs instead of pneumatic actuators for the valves, and a gearbox lifted from the production-spec RCV1000R racebike instead of the seamless MotoGP unit. The changes were made in the interests of long-term reliability.

While RM840,000 might seem an exorbitant sum to pay for a motorcycle, the money goes into the engineering design and materials that make up the bike. This is also not ignoring the fact that the RC213V-S is basically a MotoGP bike, with lights, rear-view mirrors and a side-stand.

Whether you would want to actually ride the bike on the road is another matter, as all the parts on this bike are unique, and made out of exotic materials. The RC213V-S, in street trim, puts out 159 hp, while the US-spec version has 101 ponies. If you’re in Japan, all you get is 70 hp.

There is a way to unleash the full potential of that engine, of course. All you need is the Sport kit, which lets all 215 hp run free. The catch is the kit costs 12,000 euro (RM53,000), and your RC213V-S is no longer road legal.