2016 Honda NM4 Vultus -1

Reminiscent of the motorcycle ridden by character Tetsuo Shima in Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga and anime “Akira“, the Honda NM4 Vultus was spotted on Honda’s display at the Indonesia International motor show, and we took the opportunity to have a closer look at the maxi-scooter, which still looks like something out of a science-fiction movie.

The NM4 Vultus uses the 670 cc parallel-twin, eight-valve, liquid-cooled PGM-FI engine derived from the rest of Honda’s range of super-scooters such as the Integra and CT series, and an automatic six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Weighing in at 255 kg, the NM4 is heavy, and the 11-litre fuel tank is not going to go give a lot of range between fuel stops. ABS and Honda’s Combined Braking system come standard on the NM4.

Coming with an LCD instrument panel that changes colour to suit rider preference, cycling through a range of 25 shades, the NM4 Vultus can have the screen matching the paint-job. The adjustable rider back-rest allows for the rider to customise the seating position.

The Honda NM4 Vultus has a listed price of USD10,994 (RM42,500) and comes with optional accessories such as a taller windscreen and passenger backrest. A range of 11 special-order colours is also available, and adds USD185 (RM715) to the retail price.