Have you ever wondered about the human cost of an accident? Ever said to yourself, when you see some car or motorcycle zooming recklessly at high speed, “idiot, as long as he only kills himself?” This video shows, with great effect, how an accident affects not just the rider, but those he loves, and who love him in return.

The thing about an accident is when it happens, the cost and impact does not just affect the driver or rider. The mistake may not even be your own. But the effects of an accident will linger, sometimes for many years or months, sometimes forever.

So, when riding a motorcycle, or driving a car, safety should always be the first consideration. For motorcyclists, use proper safety gear, all the time. This means a certified helmet, a padded riding jacket, gloves and shoes, at a minimum. Ride defensively, and do not ride at an excessively high speed, just fast enough to distance yourself from traffic.

Road safety - accident

For drivers, use your safety belt, and put that mobile phone down, even when the car is stationary or in a traffic jam. If children are in the car, certified child safety seats must be used. Do not overload the car, and never carry more passengers than there are seatbelts.

Driving, and riding, is a privilege, not a right. Sharing the road, and giving due consideration for other road users, no matter what they might be driving or riding, will go a long way towards making everyone’s journey pleasant, and safer.

As the video says, “the greatest danger is believing there is none.” Remember, safety is in your hands.