Rukus Customs Bombardier R-1 - 5

In most cases, customising the look of your car or motorcycle engine usually means hitting it with a coat of high-temperature paint from a rattle can, changing the colour of the engine block, casings or cylinder head. Rukus Customs of the UK takes the engine customising thing a step further, with engine covers and parts hydro-dipped in graphics of the client’s choice.

A prime example is a Yamaha R-1 engine that features graphics from the graphic novel “V for Vendetta“, written by Alan Moore and illusrated by David Lloyd. The mask worn by the main character “V” is front and centre, along with the stylised ‘anarchy’ symbol used by him.

This Yamaha R-1 998 cc four-cylinder engine is destined to have its final home a modified quad, which is in the process of being built by Rukus in its Midlands, UK, facility. Rukus also performs performance mods for cars and motorcycles, as well as customisation work.

Hydro-dipping, also known as hydrographics, immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a method of transferring graphics gravure printed on PVA film floating on water in a heated tank onto various materials such as plastics, metals and woods.