According to a report by Harian Metro, an organised syndicate targeting models such as the Toyota Alphard, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic and Honda City, can hack into the immobiliser systems by resetting it and therefore disarming the system in less than two minutes.

According to the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) automotive engineering division director Datuk Mohamad Dalib, cars with immobilisers would stop running as soon as the vehicle senses that the key fob is not within a certain distance or range.

With this, the syndicate utilised a number of techniques, including the use of a jammer to disable the immobiliser before hiding the stolen vehicle at certain spots. As for immobilisers with satellite monitoring systems, Mohamad said that, “the thief will hack into it within five to 10 minutes to remove its battery to prevent the car from being tracked.”

Apparently, the stolen vehicles are then smuggled into African countries such as Kenya and Uganda, according to Mohamad. So guys, have you experienced any (unfortunate) cases where your vehicle was involved in a theft? Share your experiences and thoughts with us below.