2016 Bosch wrong part campaign -1

Many drivers take many of the parts and consumables in their cars for granted, changing things out only when something goes wrong, or after a catastrophic failure. In some cases, when the time comes for a routine service, some owners prefer to use the wrong aftermarket part, or substitute the recommended OEM part with one of lower quality.

While there are some cases where the aftermarket does make replacement parts that are of higher quality and cheaper than the OEM part, such instances are few and far between. To that end, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia has launched the #GetItRight Workshop as part of its “one wrong part ruins everything” campaign.

Bosch (05) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

The point of the campaign is to educate drivers on the importance of the small parts in their cars which can make a difference if not replaced according to schedule, or at the first opportunity when signs of part failure appear. According to Pang Yoon Kong, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket country manager, even the smallest part has an impact on the safety of a vehicle.

Members of the media were shown Bosch’s range of spark plugs, batteries, lubricants and also participated in a DIY workshop demonstrating basic car maintenance. The workshop session also displayed Bosch’s range of diesel fuel-injection testing and calibration rigs, including a cleanroom for the servicing of injectors.

Bosch (04) - Bosch launches 'One Wrong Part Ruins Everything' campaign in Malaysia

At the launch, Bosch introduced the new Bosch Advantage wiper, with the intention of getting drivers to check their wipers, and replace them if necessary, before the impending balik kampung rush for the Hari Raya holidays. The Advantage wiper is made from “tropicalised” rubber which resists cracks and damage from exposure to sunlight.

Constructed with an all-steel frame, the Bosch Advantage wiper has been tested to 200,000 wipe cycles, with little to no degradation in performance, and fits 95% of ASEAN vehicles. Priced at an average of RM35, the Bosch Advantage wiper is available on Lazada and at major car accessory shops.