The numbers have just come in for the total vehicle sales in April. In summary, a majority of brands in Malaysia have registered a drop in numbers, translating to lower sales figures for the month of April compared to March this year.

For the month of April, total vehicles sold amounted to 42,177 units. Out of that number, a total of 37,893 were passenger vehicles, with the remaining 4,284 being commercial vehicles. The numbers pale in comparison to March, which saw a total of 48,877 vehicles sold earlier in the year (a drop of 13.7%).

We’ll now take a closer look at a few brands that have dropped in sales, starting with local makes. Market leader Perodua registered a 15.5% decrease (14,898 units sold in April, compared to 17,629 in March), while Proton saw sales drop by 19.1% (4,477 units vs 5,535 in March).

Honda, on the other hand, managed to take the second spot, despite a 19.6% decrease in sales (5,964 vs 7,418). Toyota came in fourth with 4,089 units sold (-5.3%), with Nissan taking fifth place with 3,015 units sold in April (-30.7%). Mazda ended up seventh with 1,305 units sold in April (-7.8%).

Volkswagen has emerged above Mazda in the month of April, taking the sixth spot. The brand saw a drastic increase of its sales last month (from 649 in March to 1,407 units in April, up 116.8%). Elsewhere, brands that have shown increased sales include BMW (666 units, up 3.9%), Peugeot (178 units, 17.9%), Lexus (138 units, up 14.0%), Audi (113 units, up 11.9%) and MINI (76 units, up 7.0%).

In terms of total sales so far this year, Perodua is the runaway leader with 35.8% market share (62,078 units), while Honda (24,741) leads Proton (23,702) in second and third places, respectively. Just behind the top three, it’s equally close between Toyota (14,305) and Nissan (13,788).

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