Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5 and MaxGrip AT5 launch-01

Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia has launched two new Dunlop 4×4 tyres, the Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5 and the Dunlop MaxGrip AT5. The former is made for both SUVs and pick-up trucks, while the latter is most suitable for use on pick-up trucks.

According to Cameron Wilson, managing director of Continental Tyre Malaysia, the tyres were designed and built in Malaysia at Continental’s plant in Alor Star and are especially meant for Malaysian road conditions. They replace the RT2 and AT2 tyres respectively, which were introduced seven years ago.

Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5 is meant for 80% to 90% on-road use (highway terrain). It’s part-silica tread compound consists of a combination of silica and carbon black, which is said to contribute to improved grip in the wet, shorter braking distances, a longer lifespan and better fuel efficiency. Furthermore, it has a widened contour shape to ensure even wear.

It also has two dedicated water flow channels that disperses water quickly and efficiently, therefore reducing aquaplaning on wet surfaces. Bigger, stiffer blocks in the centre allow the RT5 to have more contact with the road, resulting in better handling. The RT5 is available in eight sizes ranging from 15 to 17 inches.

Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5

As for the Dunlop MaxGrip AT5, this set of all-terrain tyres are made for harsher terrain; however, it was also created to give drivers the best of both worlds. The company stated that the AT5 is designed for “50% on-road and 50% off-road use,” meaning there’s no need for compromise when it comes to daily usage.

Among its features include zig-zag blade blocks. The unique tread pattern is said to allow the AT5 to capture and release mud and stone at an aggressive speed. This in turn gives the tyres the appropriate amount of traction to move forward, regardless of the surface. It also has an optimised tread depth, meaning that it’s thick enough to provide more mileage and resistant to overheating.

Of course, another unique feature that the MaxGrip AT5 possesses is a sidewall protection ring. The protection ring “acts as a shield” and secures the tyre from scrapes against huge rocks, stones and boulders. The MaxGrip AT5 is available in six sizes, ranging from 15 to 16 inches.

Dunlop MaxGrip AT5

Upon a short on-road and off-road test of the Dunlop MaxGrip AT5, grip levels proved worthy enough on both paved surfaces and earth (and rocks). Slight tyre roar could be heard when the vehicle was picking up speed; however, it dissipated as the speedometer kept rising.

As for comfort, the AT5 didn’t feel particularly like an off-road tyre, however, it did feel just a tad on the heavy side, when driving on-road. When pushed a littler harder off the beaten track, the tyre felt a little bit more solid compared to other all-terrain tyres – which is definitely a good thing for light off-roaders.

Both Dunlop RoadTrekker RT5 and MaxGrip AT5 tyres are now available at all Continental Tyre Malaysia dealerships including BestDrive Continental, Continental, Dunlop Klinikar and Viking Stores. Suggested retail prices, according to the company, ranges from RM400 to RM450.