Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 London-8

Following the debut of the BMW Vision Next 100 in Munich back in March, Rolls-Royce has unveiled its interpretations of future mobility. The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, which officially broke cover at the Roadhouse in London, is the first purely visionary vehicle in the 112-year history of the marque.

Measuring 5.9 m in length, the zero-emissions offering, which is pushed along by four individual wheel-mounted electric motors, has plenty of presence.

Presented as a coupe, replete with a long, sweeping bonnet and free-standing wheel arches on either side of the Pantheon radiator grille, the car features a clamshell roof that swings open along with the coach door to offer its occupants easy access in and out of the cabin; passengers enter and exit the cabin standing up.

Inside, the cabin – billed as a private retreat – has a lounge-like atmosphere, with warm tone Macassar wood, a carpet of hand-twisted silk on the floor and soft silk upholstery giving the space plushness. Seating two in sofa bench fashion, there’s no driver’s seat, steering wheel and instruments to be found, because the vehicle is fully autonomous.

Two umbrellas integrated into the doors are available to protect passengers from the elements, and Rolls-Royce bespoke luggage can be stowed in the front of the car, with space for up to four grand-tourer suitcases. An intelligent mechanism opens a hatch in the side of the car and a mechanised carousel presents the luggage bay for loading and unloading.

The RR Vision Next 100, which is finished in a paint scheme called Crystal Water, is also equipped with a virtual assistant called Eleanor. Embodied in a digital representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy, which appears on the full-width transparent OLED display inside the cabin, Eleanor is an all-in-one driver, butler and personal assistant aimed at fulfilling the passenger’s every need.