Zercado smart motorcycle mirror - 1

One of the traditional bug-bears of riding a motorcycle is the view – or lack thereof – that a rider gets from the rearview mirrors. Due to the width of the handlebars, and the rider’s seating position, motorcycle rear-view mirrors can sometimes have large blind spots, or provide less than a proper view of what’s behind the rider.

Zercado, a start-up founded by Bartosz Ambrozkiewicz, may have the answer in the form of an automatically adjustable mirror that changes the viewing angle based on the rider’s position on the bike. Since riding a motorcycle calls for a lot of physical movement from the rider, the rider’s viewing angle changes changes constantly in relation to the mirror position, and can sometimes result in blind-spots appearing, or becoming larger.

This, of course, increases the risk of an accident, especially when the rider doesn’t know what is going on behind him or her. Using sensors built into the rider’s jacket or a smartphone in the rider’s jacket pocket, the Zercado mirror adjusts the mirror lens to provide the best possible rearview for the rider.

Using an aspherical mirror, the Zercado mirror “almost completely eliminates blind spots,” claims Ambrozkiewicz. The mirror also incorporates turn signals, and is designed to be fitted to a multitude of sports and naked bikes using the standard rearview mirror mounts.

Currently moving into raising funds on Kickstarter, the Zercado mirror has gone through second prototype phase, and won the Microsoft Imagine Cup design competition in 2015. Pricing is estimated to be USD250 (RM1022).

What do you think? A boon for riders and motorcycle safety or another gadget that looks better than it works? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.