Brake pads PT-2

SIRIM says that it will be setting up a special laboratory for automotive component manufacturers to test the endurance level of brake pads, Bernama reports.

The announcement was made by the organisation’s research and innovation technology division vice-president Dr Mohamad Jamil Sulaiman, who said that SIRIM was in the process of acquiring the necessary equipment for the brake pad testing laboratory, which will be set up next year.

Explaining the reason behind the setting up of the lab, Mohamad Jamil said that brake pads purchased from workshop operators must meet the stipulated standards to reduce brake system failure, which often resulted in road accidents.

“We want to make sure that the brake pads function in accordance with the stipulated standards,” he said, adding that the national standards organisation already has a number of laboratories providing measurement and calibration services, including that for photometric testing of LED lights.