Among the many things our Thai neighbours are good at, making interesting commercials is certainly one of them. Take this 1 minute 23 seconds spot produced for the Toyota Hilux (or Hilux Revo as it is known there), which has everything from action, to explosions and even a chase scene.

The plot of the ad is as basic as they come – just a hero attempting to save his captured lady friend with the help of the Hilux. This involves breaking into the bad guys’ warehouse, tight manoeuvres, along with some casual use of explosives in the comical sense.

As you’ll see, our hero showcases the agility of the Hilux Revo Smart Cab while making his escape with his female compatriot, leaving the baddies for dust while driving through the docks. Suffice to say, the video is pulsating action in every scene.

Of course, Toyota Thailand has produced many videos to showcase just how capable the latest iteration of the Hilux is. Following the reveal of the Toyota Hilux Revo TRD Sportivo, the company pitted one against a race-prepped Toyota 86, which competes in the RAAT Thailand Endurance Championship. And who can forget the time the Hilux pulled 170 tonnes?

The new Toyota Hilux has already been launched in Malaysia, with six variants available, priced from RM90k. Although we can’t confirm for ourselves if the Hilux will make a good getaway vehicle, our comprehensive review of the pick-up will help you in many other ways (some more useful). For now, what do you think of the Toyota Thailand’s latest Hilux ad?