Sales figures by brand for the month of July 2016 have been released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), and the overall trend has been of a decline to the tune of 26.5%.

Perodua, top as usual, posted sales of 15,121 units in July compared to 20,044 units in June, a reduction of 4,923 units or 24.6%. Proton, meanwhile, takes fourth overall (behind Honda and Toyota) with a dip of 44.5% with a July sales figure of 3,866 units, down 44.5% compared to June. Toyota is up to third, selling 5,028 units in July (-26.1% compared to June). Honda, in second, took a smaller hit, selling 7,827 units (-15.4%).

Mazda posted a reduction of 47% – only 686 units were sold in July compared to 1,295 units sold in June, and Ford followed closely with drop of 46.7%, with 495 units sold in July compared to 928 units sold in June. German brand Volkswagen recorded a dip of 49.2%, making sales of 234 units in July compared to 461 units in the preceding month.

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The premium sector recorded drops as well, with Mercedes charting 940 units for July compared to 1,234 units in June, BMW posting July sales of 689 units compared to 760 units in June, and Audi selling 51 units in July compared to 55 units the month before.

Growth was recorded as a minority occurrence for July; Subaru posted a growth of 21.4% with 591 units sold compared to 487 in the month before, while Volvo increased its sales for July by 109% to 71 units from 34 units in June. Porsche took the biggest leap forward in July with 47 vehicles sold, compared to 9 units in June, making a 422% growth figure.

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