2017 Husqvarna Vitpalen 701 Concept (19)

Swedish dirt bike maestro Husqvarna is more known for its awesomely capable off-road motorcycles with nose-bleed inducing seat heights. In November last year, the company released pictures of its Vitpilen 701 concept road motorcycle, a larger-engined version of the Vitpilen 401 concept it showed in 2014.

As part of the KTM group, Husqvarna is in a position to leverage on cross-platform engineering, notably in terms of powerplants and suspension design. This is borne out by the Vitpilen 701 sharing the same 690 cc single that is used in the KTM Duke 690.

The Vitpilen, based on pictures released by the firm in May of this year, looks like a flat-tracker style cafe racer. Carrying a stripped down, purposeful look, the exposed air filter is a design nod to American flat-trackers.

An internally fluted exhaust can is part of the design, but Husqvarna admits that it will probably not make it into production, though it might be offered as an accessory. The company will be producing a range of motorcycles based on the Vitpilen concept, ranging in size from 125 cc to a 1,301 cc, 185 hp version using the engine from the KTM Super Duke R.

Husqvarna will be bringing the Vitpilen 401 and 125 versions to the market first, using the KTM 390 and 125 single-cylinder engines respectively, likely followed by the Vitpilen 701. Both the 401 and 125 versions are set to hit the market in the spring of 2017.